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Recommended Retailers

I buy wine from the companies listed on this page. Each company has two things going for it: They have great wines for sale and they do what they say they are going to do. If you contact these companies, tell them you were referred by If you buy wine from them and have any trouble with your order, write to me and I will do my best to resolve the problem for you.

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Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant
Berkeley, California
510 524-1524

Kermit Lynch’s first book, Adventures on the Wine Route, is the best book I have read about wine. KLWM’s free monthly newsletter is required reading for anyone who wants to learn about wine. The people who work at KLWM’s retail store in Berkeley are some of the luckiest people in the wine world. They get to sell great wines in all prices ranges, they get to taste those wines, and they get paid to tell the truth. It is difficult to imagine a better place to buy wine.

Contact: Michael Butler

Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants
Los Angeles, California
310 447-2020

If you like vintage Champagne, vintage White Burgundy, vintage Red Bordeaux, vintage Red Burgundy, or vintage Sauternes, you have three options: You can spend a lot of time searching for vintage wines, you can buy vintage wines at auction, or you can contact Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants. Of those three options, the last one is the best. I have been buying vintage wines from Bob Golbahar since 1991. I have also sold vintage wines to him. Bob Golbahar does exactly what he says he is going to do, and every wine I have bought from Twenty Twenty has been in superb condition.

Contact: Bob Golbahar

Pantheon Wine Shoppe, LLC
Northbrook, Illinois
847 498-1414

Pantheon specializes in impeccable wines and impeccable service. After you buy wine from Pantheon, Johnson Ho becomes your personal sommelier. The wine world is full of retailers who want to sell you their mistakes. Johnson Ho wants to sell you his masterpieces. Take him up on it. He will not be there forever.

If you live in or around Chicago, make the pilgrimage to Northbrook. Pantheon is the equivalent of a three-star Michelin restaurant. It is worth the journey. If you like magnums and other large-format bottles, Pantheon is the place to buy them.

Contact: Johnson Ho

Hart Davis Hart Wine Company
Chicago, Illinois
312 482-9996

In 1993, John Hart started John Hart Fine Wines in Chicago. I started buying wine from John in 1995. John knows the wine business as well as anyone. He also knows the difference between quality and publicity.

In 2004, John and his son, Paul Hart, joined forces with Michael Davis and created Hart Davis Hart Wine Company. HDH’s wine auctions are the standard for the industry. In 2010, HDH sold $39,000,000 worth of wine through their auctions.

Even if you have reservations about buying wine at auction, it makes sense to track the performance of your favorite wines at HDH’s auctions. HDH is a corporation, but the people who run it and the people who work there are knowledgeable, honest, and authentic.

Contact: Paul Hart or John Hart


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